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Posted on 3rd May at 11:55 AM, with 116 notes
lot of weird Christians in the Taylor Swift fandom it seems

lot of weird Christians in the Taylor Swift fandom it seems

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    some of the comments on this are so mean. just because you don’t believe Jesus died for your sins, that doesn’t make the...
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    This is so SO true. Taylor is amazing and I adore her. But she should never be worshiped like one would worship God....
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    I know he\she will get hate for this,let’s just respect his\her beliefs
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    I’m just baffled as to why people feel the need to try and compare Taylor and Jesus at all. And I’m Christian. But yeah,...
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    No I do not because I do not believe what you do. Stop trying to force your religion down my throat or I’ll start trying...
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    this is fucking stupid okay not everyone believes in your religion so just goooo
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    Lol, just lol. Don’t even get me started on how Taylor Swift perpetuates archaic stereotypes of how women should behave.
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    That isn’t a fair thing to use as a basis for criticism of other fans. There are Atheist, Agnostic, Jewish, Muslims etc....
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